Administrative & Business Services

A&BS Employee Recognition Program

Section 1

About the Program

Administrative & Business Services recognizes the collective contributions of every employee to the overall mission and strategic plan of the university. Our Employee Recognition Program is designed to encourage opportunities for those efforts to be acknowledged publicly. Every day is an opportunity for colleagues, co-workers, and managers/supervisors to recognize the great work of our people in the following categories:

  • CARE - Customer Appreciation Repeatedly Expressed
  • HERO - Helping Everyone Realize Opportunities
  • IDEA - Innovate Discover Encourage Achieve
  • SAFE - Safety Award for Excellence
  • TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More

Read through the brochure to gain a better understanding of the criteria for each category. In addition, Vice Chancellor Ron Cortez is provided the opportunity to recognize Exceptional Personnel in the Community with an EPIC pin. The EPIC pin is awarded to employees who best exemplify and contribute to the university’s strategic plan, core ideas, and values. This coveted award does not follow the nomination procedures for the five above categories, and can be given to employees at any time. Read on for more information about the award categories.

Nominations will be reviewed and approved by a review committee on a bi-annual basis. The committee is comprised of a chair and three to four members of the Administrative & Business Services Senior Manager Staff. The review committee will evaluate the nomination against the category criteria to determine the selected individual and/or team for the corresponding category. Awards are given twice in a fi scal year (October and April).

Submission deadline:

  • September 1 for October awards
  • March 1 for April awards

Award recipients will be celebrated at a catered luncheon hosted by Ron Cortez, Administrative and Business Services’ Vice Chancellor.

CARE – Customer Appreciation Repeatedly Expressed

This award is for teams and/or individuals who:
  • Takes the initiative to improve the value and efficiency of the services they provide
  • Maintains a consistently high quality of service to campus customers including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and external clients
  • Consistently and substantially demonstrates an ability and willingness to work positively, respectfully, and effectively with others
  • Builds strong relationships with customers; proactively reaches out to learn about customer goals and interests; stays aware of customer needs, concerns, and satisfaction

HERO – Helping Everyone Realize Opportunities

This award is for individuals who:

  • Takes initiative to solve problems and improve work situations without being prompted
  • Demonstrates reliability, perseverance, and focus on results
  • Helps others by sharing knowledge of university practices and resources or job-related skills

IDEA – Innovate Discover Encourage Achieve

This award is for teams and/or individuals who:

  • Developed an idea that moved the division and the campus forward or continuously comes up with creative ideas by producing a wide-range of suggestions
  • Significantly improved a work process or system, or has significantly increased the efficiency of an operation or department/unit
  • Demonstrates significant improvements in student or staff services or enhanced student or staff satisfaction
  • Participates in collaborative problem-solving, breaking down boundaries and/or creating new relationships to improve the way work gets done
  • Embraces change as an opportunity for growth and innovation
  • Takes a proactive and innovative approach toward finding sustainable solutions to business challenges
  • Demonstrates a high degree of financial responsibility coupled with sound judgement


SAFE – Safety Award for Excellence or Safety Awareness for Everyone

This award is for teams and/or individuals who:

  • Excel in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace
  • Hold an excellent workplace safety record (i.e. no accidents/injuries in the last year or longer)
  • Reports hazards, slips, trips, falls, near misses, etc. in a timely manner

TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More

This award is for teams and/or individuals who:

  • Works effectively as part of a team to successfully accomplish a task or meet a goal
  • Builds effective collaborative relationships across different groups of departments within the organization to define and solve problems
  • Creates a team environment that promotes communication, trust, cooperation, and respect for differences
  • Develops a partnership that seeks input and involvement of those affected by decisions
  • Successfully reach achievements that exemplify campus or systemwide collaboration