A number of individuals have provided support, encouragement, critical feedback, and specific ideas that benefited the development of this Program:

  • Several members of the Chancellor’s CEO Roundtable -- notably Ted Smith of FileNet, Robert Kleist of Printronix, and H. Fred Mickelson of Southern California Edison;

  • the 1995 Committee for NACUBO's Innovative Management Awards Program;

  • UCI's academic deans -- notably William Schonfeld (Social Sciences), Spencer Olin (Humanities), and Dennis Aigner (Graduate School of Management);

  • UCI faculty leadership, including Academic Senate Chairs Eric Stanbridge, James Danziger, and Arnold Binder; Professor Jonas Schultz (Chair of Academic Senate Committee on Planning & Budget); and Professors James McGaugh, William Lillyman, Duncan Luce, James Fallon, and William Parker;

  • colleagues in UC's Office of the President -- notably Richard Katz, Lubbe Levin, and Jim Dolgonas;

  • vice chancellor colleagues -- particularly Steve Relyea (UCSD), Mike Webster (UCR), and Manuel Gomez (UCI);

  • other colleagues at UC campuses, including Sam Morabito (UCLA), Louis Hook (UCLA), Galen Jarvinen (UCSC), Andrea Rich (formerly UCLA), Tony Flores (UCD), Robert Kuntz (UCSB), and Bob Kuckuck, John Gilpin, and Helga Christopherson (LLNL);

  • colleagues from other universities, including Tom Nycum (University of Utah), Frank Topper (Stanford), Ed Brezina (Council of Ontario Universities), Joe Allen (USC), Michael Wacholder (RPI), Stuart Takeuchi (University of Colorado), and Joanne Coville (Oregon Graduate Institute);

  • our “customers,” who have told us frankly what they need, what they don't need, and how we're doing;

  • UCI Academic Business Officers -- especially DeWayne Green, Michele Miller, Sandra Verdugo, Philip Henderson, and Karl Wolonsky;

  • UCI's Health Sciences Administrators and the UCI Staff Assembly leadership;

  • J. Alan Ofner (Managing Change, Inc.);

  • all the institutions and enterprises from which we have “borrowed” best practices;

  • the entire Administrative & Business Services management team;

  • the “production team” for A Model for Sustaining Administrative Improvement -- Deborah Walker, Paige Macias, Penny White, Catherine Reynolds, and Jeanne Doig.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge the hundreds of employees involved in, and their successful efforts on behalf of, this Program; and the consistent, essential support for this Program provided by UCI Chancellor Laurel Wilkening and Executive Vice Chancellor Sid Golub.

Wendell Brase

15 January 1998