Business Process Innovation Teams


Based on the results of the Customer Survey methodology outlined earlier ("Customer Involvement and Satisfaction" section), four cross-functional Business Process Innovation (BPI) teams have been established. BPI teams benefited from heavy customer involvement, as reflected in both their rosters of participants (below) and in terms of extensive customer involvement via survey instruments, focus groups and one-on-one meetings to determine customer needs and wants. Results of these team efforts are summarized in the Progress Report (Section 4.3).

Business Process Innovation Teams' Charges / Participants

Human Resources Team Charge

Examine the hiring process of the University, including the applicant process. Special emphasis should be given to simplifying the process, identifying those parts where there is no "value added." Increase speed of response to applicant and units, and reduce process costs while achieving high quality.

Human Resources Team Participants and Affiliations

  • Janine DuMontelle, Human Resources (Team Leader)
  • Prany Sananikone, Affirmative Action
  • Beverly Chaney, Housing
  • Candice Garretson, School of Humanities
  • Robert Pena, Human Resources
  • Deborah Walker, Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Karl Wolonsky, School of Physical Sciences

Renovation Team Charge

Review the campus' remodeling and alterations process, and develop recommendations to improve Facilities Management services to UCI departments for small projects (under $50,000) and minor capital projects (up to $250,000). Special emphasis should be given to simplify the process, identifying those parts where there is no "value added" to the customer's product; to increase speed and flexibility of response; and to reduce process costs while achieving high quality.

Renovation Team Participants and Affiliations

  • Larry Givens, Facilities Management (Team Leader)
  • Rob Ameele, Housing
  • Gayle Caldwell, Facilities Management
  • Bruce Cotsonas, OAC/Electronic Communication Services
  • Michael Delo, Parking & Transportation Services
  • Mac McCormick, School of Fine Arts
  • Tina McCraw, Opthalmology
  • Michele Miller, School of Social Ecology
  • Walter Rice, Facilities Management
  • Duane Ringel, Facilities Management
  • Sandra Verdugo, School of Biological Sciences

Procurement Team Charge

Review the campus procurement process and develop recommendations/ "solutions" for process improvement. The redesigned process should provide "hassle-free" purchasing, give a quick response time to the purchaser, be economical in terms of all costs, be reasonably "error-free," and be compliant with federal procurement standards.

Procurement Team Participants and Affiliations

  • Harry Gunther, Purchasing (Team Leader)
  • June Kim, Administrative Computing Services
  • Lynn Brown, Center for Neurobiology of Learning & Memory
  • Larry Buttrey, Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • DeWayne Green, Information & Computer Science
  • Lauri Kubacki, Accounting & Fiscal Services
  • Paige Macias, Administrative Computing Services
  • Cathy McFarlane, Academic Computing

Travel Team Charge

Study the travel process from the beginning stage when a faculty/staff member identifies the need to travel to the time when reimbursement is received. Analyze and re-design the process through a six-step program based on the following BPI principles: simplify the process, identify those parts where there is no "value added" to the customer, increase speed and flexibility of response, improve clarity for responsibilities, and reduce process costs while meeting customer expectations from travel services. The redesign should reflect customer needs, service, economy of operation, and be in compliance with applicable regulations.

Travel Team Participants and Affiliations

  • Ruth Quinnan, Travel Accounting (Team Leader)
  • Ross Goo, Academic Affairs
  • Martha Graciano, Information & Computer Science
  • John Helvey, Anesthesiology
  • Dave Leinen, Physical Sciences
  • Doug Zollweg, Purchasing

Accounts Payable Team Charge

Redesign Accounts Payable process to meet the following functional objectives (in addition to BPI measures): Payment for goods and services must assure that vendors receive remittance in a timely manner for all goods and services provided to the University. Significantly improve the operation's ability to serve campus customers while maintaining financial solvency and adequate internal controls.

  • Lauri Kubacki Reilly, Disbursements (Team Leader)
  • Michelle Thompson, Accounts Payable
  • Barbara Friedrichsen, Humanities
  • Gloria Shiu, UCI Medical Center
  • Pam Bowker, Pharmacology
  • Caroline Rider, Administrative Computing Services

Parking Team Charge

Review how parking permits are sold to students, faculty, and staff with the intent of omitting unnecessary steps and redundant data collection. The redesigned process should achieve a dramatic reduction in time spent by people standing in line to purchase a permit, and reduce administrative time (and cost) in recording and tracking permit sales.

The redesigned parking permit sales process did not involve a formal BPI team, although it did utilize BPI design principles and it achieved BPI objectives.