A&BS Goals and Objectives (1997)


1. Improve Below-Norm Survey Results

Improve your unit's survey results in the A&BS Survey of Management and Organizational Patterns to a level that is better than the 1996 A&BS mean for all responses that were below par.

2. Simplify Processes

Systematically evaluate core transactional processes administered by your unit in terms of A&BS Simplification Goals & Principles. Identify process simplification opportunities and develop Action Plans for '97 completion.

3. Simplify Policies

Systematically review policies which you administer or "own." Propose changes to policies that are outdated, outmoded, or ineffectual in terms of current conditions, and propose simplification and clarification of policies that are overcomplicated or in apparent conflict with other policies.

4. Exemplary Practices Site Visits

Complete two or more exemplary practices site visits, importing innovative, cost-effective practices.

5. Survey Customer Satisfaction

Administer customer satisfaction surveys consistent with A&BS effectiveness criteria.

6. Quarterly Customer Satisfaction Interviews

Develop and execute a customer service improvement plan based on (A) evaluative data from customer satisfaction surveys, (B) quarterly telephone conversations satisfaction with your top fifteen customers focusing on customer satisfaction, and (C) meeting at least once per year with the CABOs and the HSAs to discuss customer satisfaction.

7. Meet With CABOs

Meet with the Council of Academic Business Officers to discuss customer satisfaction with the services your unit provides.

8. Meet With HSAs

Meet with the Health Sciences Administrators to discuss customer satisfaction with the services your unit provides.

9. Post Performance Measurement Data

Track, through posting in the workplace, performance measurement data.

10. Post Performance Objectives

Post unit performance objectives in the workplace.

11. Staff Training Objectives

Develop and execute a plan for '97 that enables all staff who will benefit from A&BS courses and workshops to complete them.

12. Evaluate if Unit Goals/Mission Are Understood

Evaluate whether your unit has a consistently shared, clear, coherent, and committed view of its goals and mission. If not, complete a strategic planning process.

13. Strategic Planning Process (if needed)

Ensure that your unit's stated performance objectives, action plans, and performance measures derive from customer feedback and support A&BS' and UCI performance improvement goals and administrative process simplification principles.

14. Review NACUBO Program Best Practices

Review NACUBO Higher Education Management Awards and CAUSE Best Practices Awards, identifying practices potentially worth adopting.

15. Publicize Streamlining Improvements

Publicize improvements that streamline or simplify administrative processes for campus customers.

16. Celebrate Team Successes

Hold events and special occasions to celebrate team successes, project completions, distinguished performance, and completion of key goals and objectives.

17. Minimize Budget Reduction Impacts

Minimize the impact of budget reductions on UCI's research mission.

18. Performance Evaluation

Attain 100 percent performance evaluation completion rate.

19. Proactive in Policy, Regulatory, and Professional Standards Issues

Play proactive role in policy, regulatory, and professional standards issues on a UC-wide basis and externally.

20. Reward Teamwork

Reward teamwork, team behaviors, and team performance through incentive awards and other available means.

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