Administrative & Business Services

Itemized Receipts for Travel Reimbursement

Practice Directive - Itemized Receipts for Travel Reimbursement

Itemized Receipts for Travel Reimbursement

Applies To:

All Administrative & Business Services employees

Effective Date: 

October 6, 2017 Reiteration of current practice


To assure that University funds are maximized for only the most essential business needs.


UC policy G-28 “Travel Regulations” notes that receipts are required for meals over $75. However, UCI policy 715-01-A “Travel & Transportation” states that “Certain UCI travel policies may be more restrictive than the University regulations contained in G-28.” A&BS will continue the same more restrictive practice that’s been in place for several years.  Itemized receipts will be required for travel reimbursements, including for all meals.

Supporting Documents and Policies:


Stephanie Tenney; 949.824.3454